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Physicists in the Wild

Aggie Branczyk

It might surprise you, but most physics PhD students eventually end up in careers outside of academia. Some leave before graduating, some leave straight after, while others pursue an academic career for years before making the transition. Yet, despite the numbers, current PhD students often find it hard to envision any career beyond the academic horizon. Why? They're simply not exposed to the countless other exciting opportunities available to them. 

"Physicists in the Wild" aims to change that. 

Join Aggie Branczyk as she interviews physicists who have turned their PhD training into diverse and often unconventional careers. From the corporate world to government, from education to finance, discover the “other” paths traveled by those with graduate training in physics. 

Tune in every two weeks to hear the stories of physicists in the wild. 

Aggie works at IBM as a Senior Research Scientist on the Quantum Computational Science team, and the opinions shared in this podcast are her own and are not in any way endorsed by IBM.